Swimming Pool Closure


UPDATE 23/10/20

As you are aware, significant essential works had been planned to commence from 29th October 2020 requiring a 13-week closure of the pool and a re-opening date of 1st February 2021.

With the contractors needed to undertake these works requiring international travel, there was always the risk that the programme would be further complicated by any amendments to travel corridors and international exemptions.

The main contractor’s country was recently removed from the exempt list and we have been working closely with all parties to understand the options we might have to mitigate any risks to the project.  Unfortunately, despite considerable time and effort from all involved, it has now become clear that we will not be in a position to commence the works as originally planned without the risk of it being greatly extended and thus significant additional impact to our staff and users.

Therefore, we have reluctantly had to take the decision to postpone these works and reschedule for the next available juncture.  Discussions are ongoing in this regard and include contingencies for quarantine (if required) and for all parties to remain in the UK for the full duration of the works if necessary. A decision on this should be made in the coming days, however we felt it was important to provide information to all users as soon as possible.

Therefore, we can confirm that the pool will now remain open for use until at least January 2021 with a new programme of works currently being developed.

Based on this new schedule we would like to confirm the following:

Direct Debit Memberships

Direct Debit memberships will be automatically reinstated with the full membership amount collected on the November DD run.  This includes those members that had decided to freeze due to the pool closure i.e. those that have requested this option since 5th October.  Please note that those members still on freeze from the covid closure will be unaffected.

In order to give members sufficient notice of the return to standard fees in line with the Direct Debit Guarantee, and to provide the opportunity to cancel with their financial institutions if they so wish, the DD collection will be slightly delayed and will now take place on Friday 6th November 2020.  The normal collection date of 1st working day of the month will recommence in December.

Any new memberships that were taken at the reduced price levels i.e those administered from 5th October, will be contacted directly to discuss their options.

No administration fee will be applied to any members that had cancelled during October and who now wish to re-join.

Annual Memberships (Including Student Memberships)

All annual memberships will continue to run in line with their normal terms and conditions.  Therefore, no freeze requests will now be applied.