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Our sports halls offer world class facilities for a wide range of indoor sports and events. Whether training with a team, playing with friends or perfecting your skills, our indoor facilities provide the perfect environment for all sports to have fun and compete.

We host many private events in our hall facilities such as NMAC Gradings, National Futsal, National Korfball & Netball Leagues. To enquire about bookings our sports halls for your event email


  • Please note that the time required to set-up and take down equipment for your activity, will take place during your 40 minute hire session.
  • No open-topped drinks are allowed within the arenas/sports halls. Please use closed containers.
  • No food is allowed within the arenas/sports halls.
  • No chewing gum is allowed within the arenas/sports halls.
  • No music can be played during private bookings.
  • Please wear appropriate sports attire/clothing. Please wear sports tops (i.e., t-shirts, sweatshirts), at all times (no bare torsos please). No jeans allowed.
  • Please wear appropriate footwear. Do not wear shoes that may make marks on the arena floor, nor wear high heels.
  • Please use the dry-changing rooms to change into/out of sports attire. Do not use the arena stores nor court areas as a changing room.
  • Please ensure that bags and belongings are not left on or around the arenas/sports halls. Please store belonging in the lockers provided within the dry-changing rooms (upstairs). Further details on our locker policies can be found here.
  • Children aged 12 years and under are not to be left unattended at time.
  • Please be courteous to others and wait outside for your activity to commence.
  • Sportspark‚Äôs standard terms and conditions of use apply to all activities.
  • Sportspark reserves the right to terminate your activity if you do not comply with the above rules.
  • Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our Sports Assistants or Duty Manager in charge.