Your marketing preferences

Member Security Upgrade

At Sportspark, the importance of confidentiality and the integrity of your data is vital, and we take the protection of your data very seriously.

To ensure maximum security and protection for members when using our online booking system, we are taking the necessary steps to provide an increased level of security for your data. Next time you log in, any stored passwords within our database will be encrypted immediately, and all customers will need to reset their passwords when logging into our online booking system and our new mobile app using their email address held on their membership account.

When logging into our online booking system or our Sportspark app, click on “Forgotten your password” and follow the necessary steps.

Should you have any difficulties logging in, please contact who will be happy to assist.

Changing your marketing preferences

Sportspark, and our team, pride ourselves on our commitment of “All day every day for the community” and we want to continue supporting you all as much as we possibly can. In order to do so we would like to communicate directly with as many of our customers as possible, bringing you as much physical, mental and lifestyle support as we can.

We have noticed that many of you have not ticked your preferences in order to allow emails from us.  If you are reconsidering doing so, you can adjust them yourself by following the instructions below:

You will require your email address and password in order to log into our online system.

If you have forgotten your details, please click ‘Forgotten your password’ and follow the necessary steps.

Once you have these details you can then visit:

Please be aware that you can opt out of this at anytime by logging in and de-selecting/saving these options.

Please note that this is only required for our additional support and guidance information. Important business critical information will be communicated to all parties irrespective of their preferences and we will always adhere to all GDPR regulations.