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Carry out the exercises in order. Do the exercises  for 1 minute then take a 30 seconds break before moving on to the next exercise. On a scale of 1-10 your intensity should be around a 5-6 and should increase your breathing rate but not leave you breathless. One round will take 15 minutes. We recommend doing this workout 3 days a week completing 1-2 rounds a session.


Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone, if unsure please consult your physician before beginning this program. Any action in response to the instructions provided in this program is at the users discretion. Never exercise beyond the level at which you feel comfortable. The user assumes all risk of injury in the use of this program and the equipment used to perform its workouts.

1) High knee march

Raise one knee up in front of you until it reaches hip height. Return your foot to the ground and change legs repeat these same actions simultaneously.

2) Heel flicks

One at a time, kick your heels behind you as high as possible, bending from the knee before returning your foot to the ground and changing leg.

3) Step taps

Position yourself facing a step. From there lift one of your legs up in front of you until it is higher than the step. Tap the step with the bottom of the foot and then return it to the ground in and change leg.

4) Step ups

Raise one of your legs so that the foot is on the step. From there, push off that same leg and step on to the step with the other foot. Step down from the step one foot at a time. Repeat this action continuously for one minute. Do one minute on one leg and a minute on the other.

5) Elevated lunges

Place one of your feet on a step and adopt a wide stride stance with your upper body nice and tall. Bend the front leg and transfer body weight forward. Then with the foot on the step push away from the step and back to the start position. You can use the stair banister for support. Do one minute on one leg and a minute on the other leg.

6) Lunge to knee drive

Starting in the same position as the last exercise push off the back foot and drive that knee up in front of you (use the stair banister for support if needed). From there bring that foot back down to the start position ready to repeat. Do one minute on one leg and a minute on the other leg.

7) Step side lunge

Position your body so the stairs are to your side. From there place one foot on the stairs and adopt a wide side stance. Transfer your body weight to the side with the leg on the step. Lean your weight to that side, whilst keeping your upper body tall and upright. Once you have gone as far as you feel comfortable push off that same leg back to the start position. Do one minute on one leg and then repeat on the other.

8) Stair mountain climbers

Place both hands on the second or third step of your stairs. Keep your chest in line with your hands. Walk your feet back as far back as you can whilst keeping a flat back. Tense/tighten your stomach muscles and hold this throughout the exercise. Drive one knee forward towards your chest then bring that leg back down and change legs.