Pool Specification

Olympic Size Pool
Adjustable Depth
25m & 50m Mode

Sportspark offers a world-class pool, offering some of the finest swimming facilities in Britain. With a timetable featuring public swimming sessions, swimming lessons, Aquafit classes, family splash sessions and Swimfit, Sportspark’s 50m pool is perfect for both lane swimmers and fun seekers alike.

Explore the sections in our menu for more details on all of our pool activities, lessons and policies.

Swimming Prices

All public swimming sessions are free to Gold and Silver members (subject to availability).

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Swimming £5.00 £4.40 £2.90 £2.65
Swimfit (60 minutes) £5.50 £4.90 £4.50 £3.00


Pay & Play – This is the full non member price.

Green – This is the price for a green card holder and is the pay & play price minus the 60p entrance fee.

Member – This is the price for members (Gold, Silver, Bronze & Educational) during peak time.

Concession – This price is for members during off peak times (Gold, Silver, Bronze & Educational).

Pool Timetable

Our pool programme is below displaying public swimming sessions available during the week.

PLEASE BE AWARE the below programme does not show full lane bookings and programme bookings, these must be checked on our here.

Planned pool closures can be found at the link on the bottom of this page.

Timetable Amendments
Sportpark’s pool timetable may need to be altered during certain periods. The pool may also have to close to accommodate events and club galas.  Closure and timetable changes will be advertised on our website Customer Notices.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

SPLASH Learn to Swim Programme

January 2020 term timetable (PDF)

Love the water with our brand new Learn to Swim Programme. Our new term starts in Jan 2020. The new learn to swim brochure is available now from Sportspark Reception and as a download above. We have some great new classes added to our programme and lots of stages to ensure your children can progress at their own level! Our Learn to Swim Programme gives children and adults the ability to learn through the stages and gain certificates along the way.

To book, please complete a Sportspark Booking Form.

Junior Courses

The Swimming Programme follows the Swim England Foundation Learn to Swim, Aquatics Skills and Adult Swimming Framework, providing a full aquatic pathway for the swimmer. The Learn to Swim stage 1-10 awards are divided into progressive stages. They make up the core, national syllabus of learning to swim for primary school aged children. They are designed to reward your child for their development of the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.

Each of the Learn to Swim stage 1-10 awards has a list of clear outcomes that need to be completed in order to gain each award. Descriptions of the awards can be found on the Swim England page.

Adult Courses

Be Water Confident – for nervous swimmers or those new to swimming that want to improve confidence.

Be a Swimmer – giving swimmers the skills necessary to start swimming independently over short distances without support or swimming aids.

Be a Better Swimmer – for those that can swim 25 metres or more and would like to improve technique and build on their stamina.

Be a Master Swimmer – for those that would like to develop more advanced swimming skills to be able to compete or confidently enter a masters section of a swimming club.

Splash Learn to Swim T&Cs


The courses below for adults and juniors start w/c 06/01/20 and usually run for 6 weeks. To book any of the below courses take full payment to reception and complete a booking form.

Download our current programme here.


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Monday Be a Swimmer 17:30 18:15 Sportspark £64.00 £68.00
Be a Master Swimmer 18:15 19:00 Sportspark £64.00 £68.00
Thursday Be a Swimmer 17:45 18:30 City Academy £64.00 £68.00
Be Water Confident 18:30 19:15 City Academy £64.00 £68.00
Be a Master Swimmer 18:30 19:30 Sportspark £80.00 £84.00
Be a Better Swimmer 19:30 20:15 Sportspark £64.00 £68.00
Friday Be a Better Swimmer 19:00 19:45 Sportspark £64.00 £68.00
Be a Master Swimmer 19:45 20:45 Sportspark £80.00 £84.00


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Monday Stage 1 18:30 19:00 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 2 18:30 19:00 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 3 19:00 19:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 4 19:00 19:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 4+ 16:00 16:30 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 5 16:30 17:00 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 6 17:00 17:30 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 7 17:30 18:00 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 8/9/10 18:00 18:45 Sportspark £64.00 £68.00
Wednesday Stage 1 16:30 17:00 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 2 16:30 17:00 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 3 17:00 17:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 4 17:00 17:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Thursday Stage 1 16:00 16:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 2 16:30 17:00 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 3 17:00 17:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 1 17:00 17:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 4+ 17:00 17:30 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 5 17:30 18:00 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 6 18:00 18:30 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Friday Stage 5 16:30 17:00 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 6 17:00 17:30 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 7 17:30 18:00 Sportspark £48.00 £52.00
Stage 8/9/10 18:00 19:00 Sportspark £80.00 £84.00
Saturday Stage 1 11:30 12:00 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 2 11:30 12:00 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 3 12:00 12:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00
Stage 4 12:00 12:30 City Academy £48.00 £52.00


Rewarding children for their progression is of great importance. Each child is therefore rewarded at the end of every course and this could be in the form of presenting them with a Completed Stage Badge and Certificate (in preparation to move up a stage), an award that compliments their ability, for example, a distance or skill based Badge and Certificate, or even a “Well Done” sticker.


The SPLASH Learn To Swim programme will be taught at both Sportspark and the City Academy Teaching Pool. Sportspark’s world-class pool offers some of the finest swimming facilities in Britain. The City Academy Teaching Pool offers the security of a smaller pool built for the purpose of introducing children to the water and taking their first unaided strokes.


Please fill in a Sportspark Booking Form and return to Sportspark’s reception (from the enrolment date specified), together with full payment. All courses must be pre-booked and paid for in advance. Booking forms are administered in order of receipt from the enrolment date. All enrolments onto stages 1-10 will get FREE swimming outside of their lessons for the duration of term.

Private Swimming Lessons

Private lessons are available for adults and children at Sportspark. You can view our Swim Teacher Profiles below and contact our teachers directly to arrange your lesson. These should be organised via the current swimming teachers and are payable to the Sportspark reception at point of booking.

One-To-One Lessons

Sportspark also offer one-to-one swimming lessons. Cost: classes are 30 minutes long and cost £18 for member and £22.50 for non members.

Six one to one sessions: £90 for members and £112.50 for non members. Various days and times available, for more information email sportspark@uea.ac.uk, for further details.

One-To-Two Lessons

£27 for members and £33.75 for non members. Six one to two sessions: £135 for members and £170 for non members.

Please Note– Priority enrolment dates are for participants currently enrolled on a current Learn To Swim course.

All children under the age of 12 years attending any courses should be handed over/collected from teaching staff by a parent or guardian aged 16+, and not left unsupervised at the teaching venue. Reimbursement for unused lessons will not be given. Credit notes may be issued at the Aquatic Manager’s discretion.

Sportspark reserves the right to alter or cancel any course/programme if circumstances deem it necessary. If Sportspark needs to cancel a course/lesson, a credit note will be issued. Sportspark reserves the right to change teaching staff as necessary.

Learn To Swim Terms and Conditions apply to all courses. By completing and sending in a booking form, you will be confirming that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. Sportspark’s standard Terms and Conditions of use and Policy Statements apply.



SWIMTAG is a training aid and monitoring system that is worn on the wrist and tracks your progress in the pool. To begin your Swimtag journey you simply need to visit reception and borrow a band. A receptionist will then explain how to sign up to the technology behind Swimtag so you can start analysing your swims! Visit www.seeyourswim.com for more information.


Ever wondered whether you could swim the Atlantic, the distance of an Ironman or escape from Alcatraz?
Step up your swimming game and see what you’re made of with the exciting challenges available with Swimtag at Sportspark!

The Swimtag devices track everything from calories burnt, strokes, distance and
time splits, so you can know exactly how hard you’re working and what you’re achieving. Swimtag is free for Gold and Silver members, so get involved and challenge yourself this Summer! For Bronze members Swimtag is £1 per visit.

Visit reception to start using Swimtag today.
All challenges can be found online when you sign up to www.swimtag.net


Swimfit is a tool to help swimmers of all abilities set goals, stick to them and achieve more in the water we offer a couple of options to encourage swimmers to get involved in the Swimfit programme:

Swimfit runs on a Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7am – 8am.

Swimfit Activate

If you want to follow some of the swimfit workouts and just use the lanes swimfit card’s will be available to collect from the board on poolside at any time. This allows you to get the most out of your swim using a structured workout card. There are 30 swimfit cards ranging from 10-120 lengths for customers of all abilities to get involved.

Swimfit Activate +

This Swim fit + sessions are led by a qualified Swimfit instructor. The instructor will take you through your very own pool workout including various strokes and tips. This all ability class is great for:

  • Swimmers that want motivation and to get pushed to improve in the pool.
  • Swimmer who want to improve their general fitness.
  • A low impact workout.

Lifeguard Courses

National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) with First Aid at Work (FAW)

A combined course of the nationally recognised qualifications from the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS).

Want to become a qualified lifeguard? LIVING FIRST AID & SPORTSPARK are running a NPLQ & FAW course.

Where: Sportspark, UEA, Norwich, NR4 7TJ

When: Mon. 17th – Fri. 21st Feb 2020 (inc)

Cost: £250

Course closing date: Fri. 24th Jan 2020 For further information, see contact details below.

For all course bookings or for further information, please contact Lynne Meale at Living First Aid on tel: 01603 270582 or email: info@livingfirstaid.co.uk

Planned Closures

Please find following details of our planned pool closures over the next few months.

Sportspark will be welcoming swimmers from clubs & schools all over East Anglia to compete in the following galas. Unfortunately the pool will not be available for general swimming as detailed below:

Saturday 18th January – Whole Pool – Norfolk County Champs 50m Gala, 06:30 – 18:30

Sunday 19th January – Whole Pool – Norfolk County Champs 50m Gala, 08:00 – 18:30

Saturday 25th January – Whole Pool – Norfolk County Champs 50m Gala, ALL DAY

Sunday 26th January – Whole Pool – Norfolk County Champs 50m Gala, 07:00 – 20:30

Saturday 1st February – Whole Pool – Norfolk County Champs 50m Gala, ALL DAY

Sunday 2nd February – Whole Pool – Norfolk County Champs 50m Gala, 07:00 – 20:30

Saturday 8th February – Deep End Only – CONSC Mini Meet Gala 25m Gala, 14:00 – 20:00

Saturday 29th February – Deep End Only – Great Yarmouth Development Gala, 15:00 – CLOSE

Friday 6th March – Shallow End Only – Norwich School 25m Gala, 12:00 – 16:30

Saturday 7th March – Whole Pool – CONSC 50m Gala, ALL DAY

Sunday 8th March – Whole Pool – CONSC 50m Gala, 07:00 – 20:00

Wednesday 11th March – Deep End Only – BUCS Conference Cup, 16:00 – 21:00

Saturday 14th March – Deep End Only – UEA Waterpolo Tournament, 12:00 – 21:00

Saturday 21st March – Deep End Only – Norwich Swan 25m Gala, 06:30 – 18:00

Sunday 22nd March – Deep End Only – Norwich Swan 25m Gala, 07:00 – 19:00

Friday 27th March – Deep End Only – Swimathon, 10:00 – 13:00

Saturday 28th March – Whole Pool – Swim England 50m Gala, 12:30 – CLOSE

Sunday 29th March – Deep End Only – Swimathon, 09:00 – 16:00


We pride ourselves on operating one of the best swimming pools in the UK, and only employ RLSS (Royal Lifesaving Society) qualified staff and therefore offer no safer place to swim!

Please see below our Swimming policies to ensure safety in our pool.

Swimwear Policy

Sportspark has a swimwear policy to ensure high levels of water quality for our swimmers.

Download the policy here – Sportspark’s Swimwear Policy 

Child Supervision Ratios

The ISRM have issued guidance regarding adult to child supervision rations in swimming pools. Our child supervision policy was developed in order to comply with these guidelines. Our policy states:

  • Persons who appear to be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs or who are not well enough to enter the water must be refused admission.
  • As a minimum Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied in the water by a parent or adult aged 16 years of age.
  • 1 Adult to every 2 children under 12 years.
  • As a minimum children aged 12 and above may swim unaccompanied.
  • Weak/non-swimmers should be restricted to areas of the pool with water depth less than 1.5m.
  • The Admission Policy is on display in key areas at Reception and entrance to poolside.
  • These ratios will remain unchanged during fun sessions.
  • This policy is also detailed within the Access & Equity Procedure.

Download the policy here – Child Supervision Ratios

If you have any questions regarding these email sportspark@uea.ac.uk

Locker Policy

Our lockers operate with a padlock system.  Therefore if you are using our lockers, please bring a padlock with you. We also sell padlocks at reception for £5 or they can be hired for a non-refundable fee of £1. Please note that lockers are cleared every night after we close (padlocks are cut off if necessary). Locker contents are then stored and logged as lost property, unless they are wet or unhygienic items – in which case they will be disposed of.  Please note that non-valuable lost property items will be kept for 2 weeks, and valuable lost property items are stored for 6 months.